Saturday, January 19, 2013

Uncovered feelings.

   There he was, he was dressed in loosely fitting jeans that fell of the top of his hips, and a grey school soccer t-shirt. He was laughing about something one of his friends had said. Oh that smile, it made my heart flutter. His eyes scanned the room looking for me, then his gaze met mine. A knot formed in my stomach, and I caught a glimpse of his little smile before I looked down at my phone and bag nervously. When I looked back up he was gone, woah where did he go? I made my way to the front counter, seeing his two friends A and B behind a few other people in line. I squeezed my way through the crowd, and then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see J smiling at me, holding two tickets. "I already covered us both" he said smiling that gorgeous smile. I frowned immediately, I didn't want him to pay for me. I reached into my pocket, fished out a 10 dollar bill, and offered it to him. He shook his head and said, "No, don't worry about it" He looked down nervously, and started walking to his friends who were waiting for us at the beginning of the hallway. I followed closely behind, not wanting to lose him with all the people here. I noticed his two friends were walking strangely. The had their legs spread apart, and swung each leg out to side one at a time. I pointed to their backs and turned to face him with a questioning look as we walked down the hall. He smiled, and whispered in my ear that they had snuck in some Taco Bell, and that's why they were late. I asked where they had it hidden, and he said he had the food in their pants, and that's why they were walking like that. I couldn't help but laugh. And he smiled in return.
   We walked into the theatre, and made our way all the way up to the very back left corner of the room. I took the seat closest to the wall, J sat next to me, then B, then A. My stomach was in complete knots, my butterflies were doing triples, and my head was spinning. I was so nervous, and I had no idea why. Maybe it was because he wasn't as talkative as he normally was, maybe because he was so so much cuter than I had thought. I don't know, but he had an effect on me that no other person had on me before besides D. And honestly, I think this connection was stronger. Despite the nerves, I felt like I had known him for forever already. I caught him peeking over at me, and he smiled and turned to say something to B acting as though he wasn't even paying attention to me. He looked and acted just as nervous as I was, his cheeks were bright pink, and you could tell he was trying to play his cool game. I didn't even know what movie we were seeing until I looked at my ticket. It was some horror movie. Okay good, I loved scary movies. A and B squirmed in their seats trying to get the Taco Bell out of their jeans without harm to them or the tacos. I giggled, and turned to watch the screen. These guys seemed fun to be around, they made me laugh without even trying. After the movie had started, we found out that the movie actually sucked. It was so boring, and not scary at all. I peeked over J to see what A and B were up to. They had curled up in their seats and had fallen asleep at that point. I laughed, I couldn't believe they actually fell asleep. J watched my every move, judging my mood, and I could tell he was trying to read me. My eyes started to get heavy, and finally I yawned, the movie actually started to make me tired too, it really did suck. My head raced with thoughts, I contemplated going to sleep too, but I didn't want J to feel like I was bored with him. But was it a good idea to lean on him and sleep? Did I want to establish that kind of connection with him? If I allowed myself to fall for him, and for him to fall for me, there was no going back. D would have to be out of the picture for me. I was brought back to reality by J sliding down in his seat, and scootching closer to me. Hmm, he made a move. I pushed any thoughts of D out of my head, J made me happy, I wanted him in my life. This sounds cheesy, but honestly I think I fell for him the second I saw him come through that door. My decision was made.
   I slid down in my chair, and leaned towards him, putting my head on his shoulder. His body tensed at first, but quickly relaxed and moved so I would be more comfortable, but he didn't put his arm around me. My body relaxed, and the knots in my stomach loosened immediately. I felt so comfortable with him, he made me feel so safe. I fell asleep shortly after. J's movement woke me up, he had shifted up, and he gently put his hand on my arm in attempt to wake me. I glanced at the screen, and I noticed the movie was over, and credits were rolling. I sat up, trying to straighten myself up. I couldn't believe I fell asleep too. I looked at J, and he smiled at me, his cheeks pinker than ever.
   We walked out to the lobby, and I said goodbye to A and B. J said he had something to tell me once I got home. I laughed, "Why can't you just tell me now, I'm right here?". He pointed to A and B and said "I'll text you about it in the car". He sat with me until my mom came to pick me up, then we said goodbye, and we went our separate ways. We started texting each other as soon as we were on our way home. I giggled to myself, the conversation flowed like normal when we texted, but not in person. Any nervousness I had felt was gone, and actually we were both more open with each other now that we had met. I smiled at every text he sent me. The big news he couldn't wait to tell me was that he wanted to warn me about his friend B because B had told him in the theatre that "Man, if you don't get that it's all me". He said he was kind of a player, and he just wanted me to know. I laughed, he was jealous already, and we weren't even dating. I smiled, he was cute. I went to bed happy that night. J made me so happy, he made me laugh, smile, and feel things I thought I would never be able to feel again. He rekindled those feelings I had buried months ago. I wondered if I go actually go through with this, maybe I could have a relationship with J, be more than friends. I felt a smile form on my lips. We'll see how this goes. All I knew was that I wanted to be a part of J's life, and I wanted him to be a part of mine.


  1. Ahhhh I feel like I just read a novel and I have to wait for the sequel to come out! I can't wait to read more! =D Would it be completely corny of me to say that D was your Edward, J is your Jacob, and that I always wished Bella would have ended up with Jacob anyway? =P


  2. Hi I'm Emily! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog!